• R&D

SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION is persuasive in this comprehensive field. We have the competence, the experience, the strategy and a team of experts to solve the requirements of your future.
· Self design, production

· Price advantages over same vendor specifications

· The development of the ACIM motor provides a price competitive edge of over PMS motors.
· Research and development according to the quality standards of Korean and Chinese

· Establish inter-process inspection loop and control production history

· Operation of the self-test
Customer Service
· Electric vehicle power transfer consulting

· Modular component development and delivery

· Provide integrated service for electric vehicles

· Establish a smart A/C system
Data Analysis
· Data analysis for validation

· Extract data by means of simulation and sill mounting test

· Provide reliable results through repeated testing

· Analyze and manage production history data
EPT Total Solution
· ePT development optimized for vehicle requirements

· Provide total integration solution