With its world-class motors and EV technologies, SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION is proud to launch its products to provide a cleaner environment to the world.
SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION is an EV powertrain solution provider who well understands the customers’ requirement and make the most optimal EV Powertrain to meet customers’ technical demand.

With its know-how and automotive development experience, SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION has now launched Trikes and E-bikes to provide the customers with affordable vehicles installed with electric propulsion.

SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION powertrain provides an EV propulsion engine which need to be well tuned for RPM-to-Torque requirement. SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION has developed AC Induction motor with equivalent efficiency as PMSM motor but far lower cost than PMSM.

Also, SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION has experience with high performance fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials. With this material, SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION will produce kiosk and modular houses at a very low cost compared to general kiosks and modular houses you see in the market.

SONGUO MOBILITY INNOVATION is determined to provide to the world environmental friendly vehicles and housing at a price where everyone can afford.